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  • Nand Kishor Lodhi & Amit Joshi.

About Foundrs:-

  • Nand Kishor Lodhi is a well known “Young Motivational Author/Speaker/Corporate Trainer“,he has written two books so far first was “Dynamite” in the Year 2015 & second is “Show Your Power” on the way. He is powerful “Motivational & Corporate Speaker”, he is also leading campaign “Unbeatable” dadicated to “Statrtup India“.He always wanted to start a such startup whuich can help business men to promote their product & increase their growth in the era of competion so that they can succeed easily. That’s why to solve various problems regarding business, he came with innovative idea of “Go-Popular” & started this adventure with his best friend “Amit Joshi” who is an “Engineer” & master in “Business & Information – Technology“.


  • Your Business Growth is Our First Priority


  • Indian Honable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is very focussed on “Startups“, it’s his dream which he had since he sworn as Prime Minister of India that India should stand upon its feet, he just not had a dream but he started attempting to make it clear vision & started toawrds norms & polcies to make India suitable venue for new businesses. In the year 2014 he announced from Red-Fort that “Youngesters should not have dream to be something but they should have dream to do something” & he startred new era of Business which is called “Startups“. To Make his dreams true Mr. Modi brought many business oriented plans such as “Startup India”, “Standup India”,”Mudra Loan” & “Make In Inida” were such mega plans to promote “Startups“.
  • Go-Polular also based on the thought “to promote young dynamic enterpreuners & their idea as a new startup“.We provide you all needed services which are chief & mandotory to grow your business & one of them is “Great Promotional Startegie”, in every new startup this the biggest hurdle on the way that most of young enterpruenrs overlook this life line of theirstartup & consequently they fed up soon. Remenber in every new startup”the more you promote your product,business,services & yourself, the more you grow rapidly”. We provide you the best “Promotional & adversing” services through out best plans & networks, we recomend you “what is most gaining factor to grow your business”.


  • Help to Startup:- We have taken oath to promote “Startup” through our mega program “Unbeatable”. We spread awareness among youths to turn towards “Startup”.Youths are not aware of “Govt.-Schemes” & “Policies”, we educate them about government “newly launched schemes”. We motivate them to “Convert theitr passion into profession”. We help thme to “Live their dream” & hepl them to establish their “startup” with ease. Apart from it we help them to be setteled in the market through our “Hi-Tech Network & Market”.
  • Corporate-Training:- The demand of “Corporate Trainer” is growing in the market immensily. A “Corporate & Motivational trainer” boost employees & companies & help them to grow their business. “A Corporate & Motivational Trainer” gives business gaining & boosting tips & encourage business leaders to take some unexpected steps to be on top.
  • Ad-Creation:- We create digitally-ad for your product/service as per your business. Our team take all care while shooting ad & give its best, we put effort to design very creative ad so that it coud leave long lasting impression on the mind of audience/spectators. We release your ad on our you-tube channel & promote it widely, we use all means to promote your your business & introduce you to millions.
  • Marketting:- As a “Promotional-Copmany” we understand the implication of “Marketing”. Every successful bussiness has an unique marketting plans. We have a great team of dynamic professionals & dadicated employees who leave no stone unturned to “Market” your product & increase your growth.
  • Promotion:- We are very loyal towards our client & know that every client wish best services from every service provider. We try to do something sensational & stunning, that’s why we have made huge tie-up with Local/National actors/Models/Artists/celibrities. We call every popular celibrity to promote your business/product/service.
  • Event-Organization:- We organize some promotional events at public places & invite people to participate in that promotional event. We conduct many activies regarding to your product/business so that it could be acquinated with local public because it is very advisable to work in public.
  • Media-Promotion:- Media is the base of todays life, people like to read newspaperswhile sipping tea & watch Telivision to refresh themselves, if you choose print media like newspapers/popular magzines & use some electronic media like TV Channels then it adore your business & people consider “Big-Brand”. We have great relationship with both means of communication & serve your purpose.
  • Offline-Promotion:- We work according your demand & need, if you want to promote yoyr business on ground level & have desire to be at wall/street/square/colony/town, then offline promotion is the very useful because public can notice you all-time & it will be worthwhile & your business will be outstanding & will be all talk of the town. In offline service we provide services related, Display board/Posters/Pamplet/Booklet/Banners/Flyers & so on stuff which is visible easily & attractive so that by-passers can notice & recognize you at fist sight.
  • Business-Consluting:-Apart from “Brand Promotion/Entertainment”, we alos work in the direction of ‘Business-Consulting”, we care our client & his business dreams & we know that everyone want to naurishe as soon as possible but it’s impossible without proper guidance & advises. We suggest our clients that “How to work” & “At What Place/Level should he work”. This is very gainful for every new beginers & we alos take great suggestions from top Leaders of Industry.
  • Techno-Hub:- There are many key-sources which are indespensable for every business & which work as nutrition for every business man, in other word a business man can’t imagine to develop his business without these keys, so we have other services to brighten your business, We create Websites/Logos/brochure/business cards/visiting cards also.
  • Man-Power Supply:- Every business or company is successful due to its devoted & hardworking employees, without efficient manpower no company can stand any more, overall employees are nerves of every business body. We serve this purpose by supplying very deserve candidates for your company, we train employees about your working culture so that you don’t need to invest much time to mould them into your atmosphere.